Me and my cats

Dear readers, many years I’ve enjoyed the company of lovely and remarkable pets.
A few I would like to (re-)introduce to you.

Moppy was born in 1993 and came to me around 1996.
A vet was ordered to put her down, but he was reluctant to do so and I was able to adopt her and take her home. I had to let her go in May 2009.

Vlokkie, born in August 1993, was still a kitten when she became my mate.
She stayed with me untill June 2013.
Her arrival at my home is told in the post of 29. December 2016, see

Sammy, born November 1996, came into my life in 1998. I had to let her go in Octobre 2015.

ANNIE & CHARLIE portret 01 (2)
Nowadays I have the pleasure of Annie and Charlie being by my side.

Charlie walked into my life in September 2012 and never went away.
Annie came from the animal shelter in November 2013.
Totally shy, she is now growing more confident and more courageous.

I’m glad to tell you that Annie and Charlie have their own blog at


Special Times

Back in 2016 some of my recent work was published on my art-blog. I called them X-mas Cards.
From the moment I made the cards, I had the feeling the reference wasn’t quite right.
As of today I call them Special Cards.
To me Easter, Christmas and New Year have a broadened meaning.
The significance of those happenings reaches further than only on those particular days.

One of the subjects portrayed is a star that shines.
At Christmastime the Star of Bethlehem, which shows the way to the Birthplace of Jezus, is an iconic symbol.
It gave hope and directions to the Magi searching for The Innocent Child, Baby Jezus.

In this day and age, times may look dark, hazardous and desperate …
it is in this turmoil that we are in need of guidance and help.

I wish for every Soul, to have a Light that shines, even in its darkest hour.
A Star that shows us the Way back Home.
A Home where there is Peace, Love and Unity.
A Place called The Whomb of God.

You can find my cards and other art at

March of the Mothers

A few days ago I heard of a march for peace by thousands of women. The event was lead by the movement Women Wage Peace. The march was a statement of love, solidarity and peace and took place on October 19th 2016.

A true wonder,  made possible by courageous Israeli and Palestinian women, by women of all kinds of faith.

The news of this historical event was spread by singer/songwriter Yael Deckelbaum and other women and men, by means of the beautiful song “Prayer of The Mothers” and its official video. It’s a pity, and perhaps symptomatic for our current world, most newsagencies didn’t pick up on the news.

I’m glad to share this song and video with you. They are heart-warming and give hope for the future.
Hope for our children, hope for the animals and hope for mankind.

Frieden Salam Shalom Peace Vrede


To see the video please surf to


For more information on singer/songwriter Yael Deckelbaum please visit


More information on Women Wage Peace you can find at




Last days of 2016

Dear readers,

These are the last days of 2016 and I hope Christmastime has been kind and blissful to you.

As I was browsing through old pictures, I realised how many pets had accompanied me during my lifetime.
And as I saw the foto of Vlokkie, it made me grateful she too had been part of my life.
In June 2013 Vlokkie passed away, in her own time, peaceful on my lap and surrounded by her family.

I’d like to share with you the article I wrote on her, back in April 2010.
Aware of the sometimes difficult, if not impossible, translations I tried to hold on to the meaning or humour. Take for instance the name Vlokkie … Vlokkie evolves out of “vlok” as in snowflake or a patch. I love catnames with “o” in the middle and “y-ie” at the end, such as Tommy, Lofty, Moppie.
With this publication I want to reflect on the past in paying tribute to Vlokkie and all other creatures that gave, and still give me joy and their love.

My cat …
your grey-greenish inquisitive eyes look at me whilst growing bigger and bigger. Not because you see a little bird or you’re surprised, only because you’re slowly but determined crawling up to me.
Creeping up, one step at a time, kneeding at my far too thinny pyjamas, on top of my chest, you find your way towards my throat. Finally … with loud purring … you push your head sturdy against my chin.
As you conitinue to kneed along with your little sharp nails, my thoughts go seventeen years back in time.

No one wanted that tiny, fragile, hurted kitten. It was surprising, a miracle, she even survived such horrible injuries. A colleague of mine at the Animal Protection Society told me on the phone the little girl was just too ugly. Instantly I decided to take her into my home.
That same person and her son brought you to me. In a small cage with wads of cotton wool at the bottom. The boy thought you were so cute with the patches of hair scattered on your body and he was granted to give you a name. From now on you would be called Vlokkie.

I can still see you in front of me … far too big ears – bald with healing wounds and partially melted away by fire. The fur from top to waist burned away. The tail with a double knick at the end due to broken vertebra. The small throat and chest without hair, but full of red raw scars, scattered around the tormented skin. You were so cute, just like a baby bat.

That first day you were allowed to stay in my bedroom, far away from the big grown-up and nosey furry four-footers. Within hours my nose started itching. I smelt a certain odour in my bedroom. Your first night at home I awoke because you came up on the bed and sat down on my duvet. You were fast as lightning and I was terribly slow. At that moment I realised my duvet was full of cotton wool.

You give me a firm head butt and suddenly I’m in the present. Your little nails still kneeding at my still too thinny pyjamas. Your eyes looking up at me, squinting and playful. Your head a little bit wobbly, just like a kitten.

The head far too small, the front-paws shorter than the hind-legs. The cat proportions distorted.
You turned out to be almost a normal pussycat.

I love you Vlokkie, my cat the bat.


Copyright: YC Ravesteijn 2010; First publication: 24. March 2011; Second publication: 29. December 2016; Revised translation: 29. December 2016.












It’s been  a long time since my last post, too long.

Busy with family affairs and daily concerns, whereas my creativity only occasionally came to light.

I do realize life can engage one’s full attention so too much time is offered to distractions and diversions.
And precisely than the challenges occur for us to learn and to be able to move on.

Some times I’m so fully wrapped up in a situation, when suddenly something happens that distracts me.
That moment is the right time to recognize what the purpose of this distraction is.
Is it a diversionary tactic or is it a way of means to let me focus on what is essential?
In the first case I will learn to stand by me and not to be misguided.
In the second case I will learn to let go of the trivial and return to what is genuine.

One day, a few months ago, I was again very occupied by taking care of daily matters such as shopping … so busy busy busy.
I walked down the mainstreet and suddenly there was a timid pidgeon. She was exhausted and couldn’t fly anymore and could hardly avoid the walking people.
Easily she let me pick her up and put her under my coat, so little energy left in her small body.
Next I took her home, called the animal-ambulance and took care of her. After several hours the medics came and took her to a bird-sanctuary.

That day didn’t go as planned, because a small living being needed (my) help.
I am grateful she helped me return to the essential, the basic of my life.

A Dove couple in the heart of Groningen



Little lambs of innocence

Dear readers,

This afternoon I went to my voluntary work with special cats in the sanctuary in Zuidwolde, a little village nearby my hometown Groningen.

In the wintertime I had to go by bus, but now was the second time in 2 months I could use my bicycle.

On my way home I saw beautiful little lambs. I stopped to enjoy the sight and make some pictures. They were playing, lighthearted carefree and full of joy. The little lambs filled my heart with joy and love. Especially on this Easter Sunday I feel blessed by their presence and our encounter, herewith recalling on me the Holy Innocence of Jezus Christ.

DSCF9692 - kopie

After a while I went on my way and saw a lovely place with a bench to enjoy the view of the green border of our neighborhood.

I sat down and looked at the trees, the waterways, the birds, the gras. The sun was shining on all of us. It felt good.

Than I felt the remembrance of the awesome trees and wonderful nature of Mid-Southern Germany, far away. The feeling took my by surprise and it filled my heart with love and gratitude. And at the same time it made me sad for I realised how much I yearn to be with Mother Nature and in the presence of Her wonderful creatures. I cried tears of sorrow and I cried tears of joy.

Now I am home and the feeling of gratitude is the feeling that remains. I’m grateful to be part of Gods Creation and to experience the blissful heartfelt connection with Mother Nature and therefore with God.

I wish you all a blissfull Easter full of Light and Love and Reflection.