Spoken words

Spoken words

We, the Dutch people, like to make words small, use abbreviations and the first letters or just one word of an expression.
For example “huis” becomes “huisje” which means small house. Expressions we tend to reduce as much as we can and so “do it yourself” becomes DIY.
It’s a generally accepted fact that a spoken word has an impact. But most of us can’t or don’t want to realise the effect our words have. We talk, we shout, we whisper, we swear, we curse.
Words in full, in abbreviations, as initials. Especially the swearing and cursing in Dutch is done with initials. I will give an example with the opposite of swearing … “God zij gezegend” becomes G.z.g, in English that would be G.b.b. as in “God be blessed”.
I once had an aquaintance who used to swear with every sentence, by using the abbreviations or initials. At some point in time I couldn’t take any more cursing and asked her not to do so  while talking with me. She didn’t realize it but neither did she acknowledge the fact that she swore all the time.
Every time we swear or curse, we ask God to condemn us.
When we realize that a spoken word has impact, than we should be aware we are calling upon us the wrath of our own words.
I don’t think we are so ignorant of what we’re really saying while cursing.
Neither do I think that God will condemn us because we ask him to do so, time after time.
I believe we make our own misfortunes, time after time.  
Untill we truly and deeply realize that we have done it ourselves all the time and take full responsibility, we are not likely to change a thing.
And yes, I too did swear and curse, one time or another. Candidly …I didn’t care.
But now I do care and I now choose to be blessed.

Kind regards




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