March of the Mothers

A few days ago I heard of a march for peace by thousands of women. The event was lead by the movement Women Wage Peace. The march was a statement of love, solidarity and peace and took place on October 19th 2016.

A true wonder,  made possible by courageous Israeli and Palestinian women, by women of all kinds of faith.

The news of this historical event was spread by singer/songwriter Yael Deckelbaum and other women and men, by means of the beautiful song “Prayer of The Mothers” and its official video. It’s a pity, and perhaps symptomatic for our current world, most newsagencies didn’t pick up on the news.

I’m glad to share this song and video with you. They are heart-warming and give hope for the future.
Hope for our children, hope for the animals and hope for mankind.

Frieden Salam Shalom Peace Vrede


To see the video please surf to


For more information on singer/songwriter Yael Deckelbaum please visit


More information on Women Wage Peace you can find at





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