Me and my cats

Dear readers, many years I’ve enjoyed the company of lovely and remarkable pets.
A few I would like to (re-)introduce to you.

Moppy was born in 1993 and came to me around 1996.
A vet was ordered to put her down, but he was reluctant to do so and I was able to adopt her and take her home. I had to let her go in May 2009.

Vlokkie, born in August 1993, was still a kitten when she became my mate.
She stayed with me untill June 2013.
Her arrival at my home is told in the post of 29. December 2016, see

Sammy, born November 1996, came into my life in 1998. I had to let her go in Octobre 2015.

ANNIE & CHARLIE portret 01 (2)
Nowadays I have the pleasure of Annie and Charlie being by my side.

Charlie walked into my life in September 2012 and never went away.
Annie came from the animal shelter in November 2013.
Totally shy, she is now growing more confident and more courageous.

I’m glad to tell you that Annie and Charlie have their own blog at


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