It’s been several months since my previous post here. It seems to me that the older I get, the faster time goes by.

Since September 2017 my pets Annie and Charlie have their own blog. Some of you might know it already.

With their first post I couldn’t quite decide how to express their “adventures” and our lives together.
Should the post be in my own words – as I am writing now – or should the stories be told from the point of view of my pets and occasionally of guestcontributors …
after a while I decided to take a chance and go for their “words” and “thoughts”.

It’s interesting how well an owner, in this case me HumanMom, knows and understands his/her own pet, its feelings and its reactions.
I learn a lot from my pets. Trying to see through their eyes, to feel what they feel, to think what they think … it helps me understand more of my own life and our human world. It helps me to put almost everything in perspective.

Its fun making the pictures and comments, I often laugh at the situation and think Annie and Charlie would agree.

And just as I think I really know them both after all this time … they suddenly show a totally unexpected reaction in a certain situation. Most pet-owners will probably concur and recognize this.

Sometimes, when Charlie lies half on my lap as I sit in bed, he suddenly looks at me with dark piercing eyes … not moving a musscle … and I cannot but think … what are you trying to tell me dear Charlie?





7 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. What a wonderful blog!😀 Sounds like you have a handful with your furry friends!What fun! Though…Be careful asking them what’s on their minds…it just might blow your mind! Mine plot home domination and try their “Jedi mind tricks” out on me…..and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t work….I always end up giving them more treats!😸😽 Be Blessed.
    🐾 Andrea.

    • Thank you Andrea, we’re having lots of fun here at home. You are so right, I should be more careful about my wishes, you know my cats apparently very well 🙂
      Have a nice evening, love from Yvon in Holland

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