It’s been  a long time since my last post, too long.

Busy with family affairs and daily concerns, whereas my creativity only occasionally came to light.

I do realize life can engage one’s full attention so too much time is offered to distractions and diversions.
And precisely than the challenges occur for us to learn and to be able to move on.

Some times I’m so fully wrapped up in a situation, when suddenly something happens that distracts me.
That moment is the right time to recognize what the purpose of this distraction is.
Is it a diversionary tactic or is it a way of means to let me focus on what is essential?
In the first case I will learn to stand by me and not to be misguided.
In the second case I will learn to let go of the trivial and return to what is genuine.

One day, a few months ago, I was again very occupied by taking care of daily matters such as shopping … so busy busy busy.
I walked down the mainstreet and suddenly there was a timid pidgeon. She was exhausted and couldn’t fly anymore and could hardly avoid the walking people.
Easily she let me pick her up and put her under my coat, so little energy left in her small body.
Next I took her home, called the animal-ambulance and took care of her. After several hours the medics came and took her to a bird-sanctuary.

That day didn’t go as planned, because a small living being needed (my) help.
I am grateful she helped me return to the essential, the basic of my life.

A Dove couple in the heart of Groningen




Little lambs of innocence

Dear readers,

This afternoon I went to my voluntary work with special cats in the sanctuary in Zuidwolde, a little village nearby my hometown Groningen.

In the wintertime I had to go by bus, but now was the second time in 2 months I could use my bicycle.

On my way home I saw beautiful little lambs. I stopped to enjoy the sight and make some pictures. They were playing, lighthearted carefree and full of joy. The little lambs filled my heart with joy and love. Especially on this Easter Sunday I feel blessed by their presence and our encounter, herewith recalling on me the Holy Innocence of Jezus Christ.

DSCF9692 - kopie

After a while I went on my way and saw a lovely place with a bench to enjoy the view of the green border of our neighborhood.

I sat down and looked at the trees, the waterways, the birds, the gras. The sun was shining on all of us. It felt good.

Than I felt the remembrance of the awesome trees and wonderful nature of Mid-Southern Germany, far away. The feeling took my by surprise and it filled my heart with love and gratitude. And at the same time it made me sad for I realised how much I yearn to be with Mother Nature and in the presence of Her wonderful creatures. I cried tears of sorrow and I cried tears of joy.

Now I am home and the feeling of gratitude is the feeling that remains. I’m grateful to be part of Gods Creation and to experience the blissful heartfelt connection with Mother Nature and therefore with God.

I wish you all a blissfull Easter full of Light and Love and Reflection.

New beginning – lessons to learn

The year 2015 is now 16 days “young” … and I wish her start has been blissfull and promissing to you …

I’ve decided to let go of old things and start anew. A new beginning not only by mind but also by heart.

The world is in turmoil … I have mixed feelings.

The recent events in France are awfull and I understand why the fast majority of our population wants to send a message of disapproaval of terrorism.
But my heart also goes out to the female victims of rape in India, to the abducted and abused schoolgirls in Nigeria, to the innocent warvictims in the world.

The message of Jezus Christ was to love all beings, for we are all part of Gods Creation.

The world we engage and experience is a mirror of our own actions, thoughts and feelings …
when I encounter abuse or suffering, it is up to me to act on the situation. Sometimes by deeds, but allways in my heart … not by judging nor by condemning but by aknowledging the truth and by forgiving.
I have yet much more lessons to learn.

Gladly there have been wonders too … for instance a piglet that was found wandering a snowy road. He was picked up and brought to a safehaven. He, or she, was probably ment for a privat slaughter, for no one has claimed possession.
Closer to home I have wittnessed some wonders too. For instance the opening of new creative possibilities and the fact that my old lady-cat Sammy is still with us, giving us joy and laughter.

012 - kopie

Kind regards

Happy Newyear

This is the last day of 2014.

In all retrospect I’m glad to be here and to witness the dawning of a new year.

I wish you all a beautiful and sparkling New Year’s Eve

and a blissful and salutary 2015!

HD vuurwerk wallpaper   HD Firework Wallpaper photographer unknown


Christmas is the time of reflection and contemplation. Jezus Christ came over 2000 years ago among us and gave us the opportunity to reunite with God by accepting Him in our hearts.

As a little girl I fellt very much connected to Jezus. As I grew up and as an adult I lost that feeling of Loving Innocence. I turned away from God and didn’t let him in my heart nor my life.

But God never left me and I’m part of Him. This much I have learned the past year.

When I look around me, the world in generally has lost its love and compassion. For what human beings are we if we have no love and compassion? I am glad there are people who do have this deep and profound connection to God. Who wholesome and fullhearted live in Gods Light, who therefor are Gods Light.

Let us – me included – take responsibility for our world and our actions, let us find our way back home to God.

So that no suffering is induced or created. So that respect and truthfullness arise and we have a chance of healing ourselves and the world.

Thus way we can honour the life and teachings of Jezus Christ, the Son of God.

I wish you all a peacefull and loving Christmastime.

ster 015 © yvon ravesteijn

Reflecting on the Holi-Days

These past few years there has been an increasing public awareness of the animals and their ill-being in the bio-industry.

Amongst others Wakker Dier (Awakend Animal) has held several campaings to show the circumstances of housing and growth of the food-animals. I believed all the campaigns have raised the public alertness for such suffering.

This last month of the year 2014 we contemplate on the Birth of Christ, on the meaning of His Coming and the Message He brought us.

Is it not so that Jezus taught us to love and respect every being for we are all part of Gods Creation?

I do not find such respect and care in the way we “make” and consume animals, nor the way we treat animals in general. There is so much abuse and disregard of life.

Lately I’ve been unpleasantly astonished about the supply of food especially for Christmas. Suddenly everywhere you can buy deer, rabbit, and other kinds of “wild” meat & poultry. At a certain point, after seeing several advertisements on the telly in a very short time,          I cried …

why do we need to eat (more) meat & poultry and those special animals at one of the most loving and holy Times of the year?

Wakker Dier has made me clear that the fast majority of this Xmas meat & poultry is bloated. In The Netherlands we call them “plofkip”, “plofkalkoen”, “industrievarken” en “kooikonijn”. All to be understood as bloated chicken, bloated turkey, bloated pig and bloated rabbit.

It seems that the supermarkets and wholesailers have made huge steps backwards by offering us these food-animals, and in such large quantities. Yet again it is evident that when money can be made, the well-being of living beings is trampled on and disregarded.

I hope the public will have no need for buying these food-animals, so the industry will reap a heavy loss of revenue. Apperently that is the only way for or a chance on changing our foodconsumption-society into an animalrespected-society.

These reflecting and contemplating Holi-Days I intend to enjoy biological coffee, buns, cookies and last but not least the company of my three cats Annie, Charlie and Sammy.

Kind regards, Yvon

Annie-Charlie-Sammy BLOG 02portret

A wounded Dove

A wounded Dove

On Wednesday 8. of October , early in the afternoon, I had a meeting on the other side of the town. I was slightly sad after the meeting. Round about 13:50 hrs I caught the bus home. After the Central Station we had to stop for the red light. As I looked out of the window I saw a dove on the boardwalk.

Her left wing was hanging and nearly touched the ground. It seemed like ages the red light wouldn’t change. In the meanwhile I kept my eye on the dove. She was searching for food. There were some youngster who didn’t even notice her as she had to jump aside to avoid getting trampled on. She couldn’t fly away. Than there were other people who just didn’t care about the dove and she had walk and jump aside, again.

It broke my heart to see this beautiful creature in hurt and in despair, with no help.

Finally the green light went on and the chauffeur drove on. At the next bus stop I got out and walked back towards the street where I saw the dove. From afar I saw her time after time getting aside for the unwillingly or unknowingly harsh people. As I reached her she tried to walk away, with her wing hanging on the ground. It took no great effort to catch her. As I held her in my hands she looked at me, was quiet and not afraid. I could see into her beautiful eyes. And than I saw the horrific wound of her left wing. Gently I placed her under my coat near my heart. She kept quiet and felt warm. Her broken wing she couldn’t fold onto her little body.

On my way home I phoned the animal-ambulance and requested them to come to my home and pick up the wounded dove. Hopefully she can be healed and saved at a bird sanctuary or she will be put down and may return to her Maker.

At home I put the dove in a big box with a soft towel, some water and seeds. I applied several alternative and spiritual healingmethods and sang Mantra’s for her. After a while she got up and started cleaning herself, her left wing was not hanging on the floor of the box. She seemed quite happy and at ease. All of the time she kept me company.


After several hours the ladies of the animal-ambulance arrived and one of them picked up the dove and inspected her wound and general condition. She was slightly malnourished and her left wing could be folded and placed into the right position. The kind lady told with love in her voice that the dove had a good chance of healing. They quickly went on their way towards the bird sanctuary.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to help such a beautiful creature and to witness a wonder … the wonder of a dove who received the chance of being healed.

And somewhere in my heart, I hope there eventually would have been another caring human being who wouldn’t have looked away and who would have helped this dove in need and distress … if I hadn’t been given the chance.

Kind regards