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Special Times

Back in 2016 some of my recent work was published on my art-blog. I called them X-mas Cards.
From the moment I made the cards, I had the feeling the reference wasn’t quite right.
As of today I call them Special Cards.
To me Easter, Christmas and New Year have a broadened meaning.
The significance of those happenings reaches further than only on those particular days.

One of the subjects portrayed is a star that shines.
At Christmastime the Star of Bethlehem, which shows the way to the Birthplace of Jezus, is an iconic symbol.
It gave hope and directions to the Magi searching for The Innocent Child, Baby Jezus.

In this day and age, times may look dark, hazardous and desperate …
it is in this turmoil that we are in need of guidance and help.

I wish for every Soul, to have a Light that shines, even in its darkest hour.
A Star that shows us the Way back Home.
A Home where there is Peace, Love and Unity.
A Place called The Whomb of God.

You can find my cards and other art at https://yvonsartwork.wordpress.com.


Little lambs of innocence

Dear readers,

This afternoon I went to my voluntary work with special cats in the sanctuary in Zuidwolde, a little village nearby my hometown Groningen.

In the wintertime I had to go by bus, but now was the second time in 2 months I could use my bicycle.

On my way home I saw beautiful little lambs. I stopped to enjoy the sight and make some pictures. They were playing, lighthearted carefree and full of joy. The little lambs filled my heart with joy and love. Especially on this Easter Sunday I feel blessed by their presence and our encounter, herewith recalling on me the Holy Innocence of Jezus Christ.

DSCF9692 - kopie

After a while I went on my way and saw a lovely place with a bench to enjoy the view of the green border of our neighborhood.

I sat down and looked at the trees, the waterways, the birds, the gras. The sun was shining on all of us. It felt good.

Than I felt the remembrance of the awesome trees and wonderful nature of Mid-Southern Germany, far away. The feeling took my by surprise and it filled my heart with love and gratitude. And at the same time it made me sad for I realised how much I yearn to be with Mother Nature and in the presence of Her wonderful creatures. I cried tears of sorrow and I cried tears of joy.

Now I am home and the feeling of gratitude is the feeling that remains. I’m grateful to be part of Gods Creation and to experience the blissful heartfelt connection with Mother Nature and therefore with God.

I wish you all a blissfull Easter full of Light and Love and Reflection.

New beginning – lessons to learn

The year 2015 is now 16 days “young” … and I wish her start has been blissfull and promissing to you …

I’ve decided to let go of old things and start anew. A new beginning not only by mind but also by heart.

The world is in turmoil … I have mixed feelings.

The recent events in France are awfull and I understand why the fast majority of our population wants to send a message of disapproaval of terrorism.
But my heart also goes out to the female victims of rape in India, to the abducted and abused schoolgirls in Nigeria, to the innocent warvictims in the world.

The message of Jezus Christ was to love all beings, for we are all part of Gods Creation.

The world we engage and experience is a mirror of our own actions, thoughts and feelings …
when I encounter abuse or suffering, it is up to me to act on the situation. Sometimes by deeds, but allways in my heart … not by judging nor by condemning but by aknowledging the truth and by forgiving.
I have yet much more lessons to learn.

Gladly there have been wonders too … for instance a piglet that was found wandering a snowy road. He was picked up and brought to a safehaven. He, or she, was probably ment for a privat slaughter, for no one has claimed possession.
Closer to home I have wittnessed some wonders too. For instance the opening of new creative possibilities and the fact that my old lady-cat Sammy is still with us, giving us joy and laughter.

012 - kopie

Kind regards


Christmas is the time of reflection and contemplation. Jezus Christ came over 2000 years ago among us and gave us the opportunity to reunite with God by accepting Him in our hearts.

As a little girl I fellt very much connected to Jezus. As I grew up and as an adult I lost that feeling of Loving Innocence. I turned away from God and didn’t let him in my heart nor my life.

But God never left me and I’m part of Him. This much I have learned the past year.

When I look around me, the world in generally has lost its love and compassion. For what human beings are we if we have no love and compassion? I am glad there are people who do have this deep and profound connection to God. Who wholesome and fullhearted live in Gods Light, who therefor are Gods Light.

Let us – me included – take responsibility for our world and our actions, let us find our way back home to God.

So that no suffering is induced or created. So that respect and truthfullness arise and we have a chance of healing ourselves and the world.

Thus way we can honour the life and teachings of Jezus Christ, the Son of God.

I wish you all a peacefull and loving Christmastime.

ster 015 © yvon ravesteijn

Spoken words

Spoken words

We, the Dutch people, like to make words small, use abbreviations and the first letters or just one word of an expression.
For example “huis” becomes “huisje” which means small house. Expressions we tend to reduce as much as we can and so “do it yourself” becomes DIY.
It’s a generally accepted fact that a spoken word has an impact. But most of us can’t or don’t want to realise the effect our words have. We talk, we shout, we whisper, we swear, we curse.
Words in full, in abbreviations, as initials. Especially the swearing and cursing in Dutch is done with initials. I will give an example with the opposite of swearing … “God zij gezegend” becomes G.z.g, in English that would be G.b.b. as in “God be blessed”.
I once had an aquaintance who used to swear with every sentence, by using the abbreviations or initials. At some point in time I couldn’t take any more cursing and asked her not to do so  while talking with me. She didn’t realize it but neither did she acknowledge the fact that she swore all the time.
Every time we swear or curse, we ask God to condemn us.
When we realize that a spoken word has impact, than we should be aware we are calling upon us the wrath of our own words.
I don’t think we are so ignorant of what we’re really saying while cursing.
Neither do I think that God will condemn us because we ask him to do so, time after time.
I believe we make our own misfortunes, time after time.  
Untill we truly and deeply realize that we have done it ourselves all the time and take full responsibility, we are not likely to change a thing.
And yes, I too did swear and curse, one time or another. Candidly …I didn’t care.
But now I do care and I now choose to be blessed.

Kind regards



Football, sentiments and God

Hello guest,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I dedicate these writings to God and my spiritual teacher Ulrike Hinrichs, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to find my way backhome to Him.

A few years ago I was at a seminar of Ulrike and we talked about us Westerners being so enthusiastic and passionate about football, getting delirious with joy when winning a match or even a championship.
We hardly ever go out of our minds of joy or love for God.
That conversation has been in my mind ever since …
Today is the match for the 4. And 3. place at the World Cup Football 2014 in Brazil. Many fans have travelled so far to see the games the Dutch team has played.
Let us look at the estimated costs for the country calculated before the kick-off. An estimated 14 billion Dollars or 10,29 billion Euro.
And we can’t even guess how much all the countries, individuals and companies spend on seeing the games on the television or for being there in Brazil. So many accessories are bought. The total amount spent and earned is mind dazzling.

What for? Why for a game of soccer, and why not for God?

Why not go into the streets and cry for joy to God, sing his praise, drive around loud honking and bells and waving our national flag. Just as we (would) do by winning a match or finally the world cup. Just as we have done all the former world and European cups.

Let us give just 1% of all our world cup spendings and earnings to those who are in need …
to the children who are hungry, to the families who had to flee their country, to the pour in our thriving and wealthy westerly countries, to the animals which are treated bad or which are injured or are abandoned.
Let’s put 100% of all our joy, laughter and effort in serving the needy, the children, the elderly, the sick and the a-strayed, helping the animals and mother nature.

What would we gain by this? Peace of mind or a clear conscience?
Perhaps, but more probable and more desirable … the world would be a better place.
And foremost … we would be serving God. For when we help and support every being of His Creation, we help and stand by ourselves and ultimately we stand by God.

Have a wonderful football-evening
Kind regards

Annie voor de buis